As far back as I can remember I always had a camera in my hand. There was something so magical about photos. I would look though old family albums and listen to the stories that brought all the photos to life.

It was then that my love of photography began, not in the sense of the process, but more in the sense of capturing memories. It wasn’t till much later, after university and working in Marketing and graphic design that I had the opportunity to own my very first professional camera – and it was love at first site! For the first time when I looked through the lens I saw details I had never noticed before, I started to become more involved and interested in the process and the creation of art that went hand in hand with capturing the moment.

From that moment I began to spend all my free time out and about with my camera, taking photos of everything and began to dream for it to be more than a hobby.

 It wasn’t long before people who had seen my photos began to ask me to take professional shots for them which ranged from weddings to products and I realised I was doing exactly what I was meant to. I officially started working as a freelance photographer and graphic design artist in 2010 under my brand divajo and never looked back.

When my clients book a shoot with me collaboration and team work is vital to my process as this helps me achieve the results my clients are looking for and it helps me grow as a photographer.

Most importantly, I like to have fun and make my shoots an enjoyable experience for all those participating in front and behind the lens. At the end of the day the biggest reward I receive is knowing that I had some part to play in immortalizing a moment in time and putting a smile on my clients face when they see their photos for the first time.

It’s all about capturing a moment!